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BTGold Enterprise is a software company that is dedicated to meet the customer's software needs.

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About Us

About Us

Our Approach

How We Do Things...

Our goal is to put our customers on the map, with our robust applications.

Our approach is simply to listen and really understand what our customers need. We will spend however long it takes on the drawing board, outlining the solutions to the problem and will never sit down to start the work until we are confident, that the solution is the right one for our customers. We meet our customers, right at the place where the pain points hurt the most.

Our Story

How It Got To This...

We love to tinker around with stuff, turning them around, upside down and figuring out how they work. The passion is driven by a strong desire to find answers to problems.

Information technology is simply the avenue we've chosen, in which we help others find their own solutions in achieving their business goals.


Why Us?

We have 20 plus experience doing what we do!


What you pay for!

We provide the best solutions for your needs!


What's the benefit?

We save you money, time and frustration!



Mobile Applications

We develop mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and Android, ranging from business to entertainment.

Web Applications

We also build web applications, optimized for desktop and mobile platforms.

Enterprise Applications

We develop enterprise applications in Java, .NET and PHP, connecting to backend databases such as UDB, DB2, SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL.

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